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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the program Full time or Part time?
    All the coursework programs are full time, with the classes held during the weekdays from 6pm – 9pm.
  2. Is a Part-time mode available for the program?
    We do not offer an official part-time mode for the program. However, students have the choice to plan their study schedule so long the completion duration is within 8 semesters (maximum duration of the study).
  3. Are there weekend classes?
    Generally, classes are conducted during weekdays, however if the size of the class is big, then we may schedule additional classes on Saturdays.
  4. How many classes do I have to attend weekly?
    This depends on the number of courses you register in a semester. The number varies from 1 to 5.
  5. Where can I get information on scholarships?
    The University does not have a scholarship scheme. Any information about scholarship will be announced through student mailing lists from time to time.
  6. Does the university assist with accommodation?
    Please refer to the portal of Marketing and Recruitment Centre at https://hep.um.edu.my/student-housing
  7. Where can I get information on visa applications?
    Please refer to the portal of Marketing and Recruitment Centre at https://aasc.um.edu.my/visa
  8. How long is the duration of study?
    Minimum is 1 - 1.5 years
    Maximum 4 years
  9. How much is the total fee?
    The fee structure is provided at https://aasc.um.edu.my/postgraduate-fee-structure. You can estimate the costs based on the duration of your study
  10. Can I get discount for the fees if I pay in full?
  11. How long does it take to find out the status of my application?
    Usually within one – two months
  12. Who should I contact to find out about the status of my application?
    You will receive an email notification once your application has been processed.
  13. Can I appeal if my application is rejected?
    Yes, you will have to write an appeal letter to the Deputy Dean (Postgraduate). The email address is tdit_fsktm@um.edu.my
  14. How can I know if I am eligible for the program?
    The requirements are clearly stated on the website (https://aasc.um.edu.my/entry-requirements-main). Please check your qualifications prior to any application.
  15. How can I know the reason for rejection?
    Common reasons include not meeting entry requirements or the capacity of enrollment has been reached. You may email the Deputy Dean (Postgraduate) at tdit_fsktm@um.edu.my
  16. When is the application date for the programs?
    The coursework and mixed-mode programs are normally opened for application from January to May (September intake) and July to November (February intake). Not all programs are offered every semester. Hence, interested applicants have to monitor for the availability of programs and dates. Research mode programs are opened for application throughout the year, though. Call for applications can be found at apply.um.edu.my
  17. Are the programs offered every semester?
    Usually, a program is offered twice a year in February and September, but this is not guaranteed.
  18. When is the due date for application?
    The due dates are stated during the call for applications. However, potential students are encouraged to apply early as the Faculty may end the call earlier, if enrollments are full.
  19. Where can I get the timetable of the course?
  20. Where can I get an online copy of the postgraduate handbook?
  21. What is the minimum total number of subjects that can be taken for every semester?
    There's no minimum or maximum number of subjects a student should take as this depends on their preference and capability to cope (the passing grade is a B), but we normally recommend students to take at least two subjects in each semester.
  22. What subjects do I have to take to complete the program?
    The information can be found in the annual postgraduate handbook under the section for respective program. Please visit fsktm.um.edu.my/postgraduate
  23. When can I register?
    A student shall register based on the date stated in the offer letter, depending on the intake.
  24. Does the university accept an online application?
    Yes, the university only accepts online application via apply.um.edu.my.
  25. Does the Faculty help to check my qualifications prior to my application?
Last Updated: 20/05/2021