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The Development Unit is integral to the modernization and advancement of university operations. By focusing on infrastructure management, technical support, software development, training, innovation, and data management, the unit ensures that the university remains at the forefront of technological progress. Addressing the challenges and embracing future trends will enable the unit to continue enhancing the educational experience and operational efficiency of the institution



Our Facilities for Teaching

Our computer labs are connected to Windows Active Directory servers and the Internet. These lab is opened to undergraduate and postgraduate students

MM1 Lab

Micro Computer Lab 1
Hybrid Teaching Concept

MM2 Lab

Micro Computer Lab 2
Openspace & VDI Concept

Robotic Lab

Provide conducive intelligent learning environment to students taking the 'Intelligent Robotics' course & equipped with six mobile robots.


Provide 25 units of Cisco 1700 Series Router, 4 units Cisco 1760 Series Router and 12 units switch Cisco 2950 CATALYST Series


Lecturer Room 1
(Bilik Kuliah 1)


Lecturer Room 2
(Bilik Kuliah 2)

ML Lab

Postgraduate Lab
(Makmal lanjutan)


Micro Computer Lab 3
(Makmal Mikro 3)


Micro Computer Lab 4
(Makmal Mikro 4)


Micro Computer Lab 6
(Makmal Mikro 6)

Our Virtual Space Platform

is like a parallel virtual reality universe where you can work and play within a fully immersive and shared environment, transforming the way we interact with technology and each other. .


have established virtual spaces for our students and academic staff to interact and explore this exciting new technology firsthand

Meeting Room Space

to facilitate discussions, meetings, or conferences among individuals or groups within an organization or company. Meeting rooms are commonly used for planning strategies, making decisions, or negotiating various matters such as projects, future planning, or problem-solving.


Dean Office Meeting
(Bilik Mesyuarat Dekan)


Seminar Room 1
(Bilik Seminar 1)


Seminar Room 2
(Bilik Seminar 2)


Seminar Room 3
(Bilik Seminar 3)


Faculty Meeting Room
(Bilik Mesyuarat Fakulti)

Multipurpose Space

to provide a flexible space that can be utilized for various activities or functions based on the needs of the users. These rooms are designed to accommodate a wide range of events, such as meetings, seminars, workshops, presentations, training sessions, recreational activities, and social gatherings. The versatility of multipurpose rooms allows them to be adapted and configured accordingly to suit different purposes and requirements.

Foyer A

Foyer at Block A

Foyer B

Foyer at Block B

The Cube

Block A

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