Research Cluster

Computation and Informatics (C+i) Research Cluster is established as a university research cluster with well-structured research groups and infrastructure for conducting research..

MySIG Big Data

Malaysia Special Interest Groups (MySIG) of Big Data are open to all who are interested.  To join a Special Interest Group and gain access to collaborative materials produced by our SIG, call us at 03-79676340 or email your resume to sitihafizah@um.edu.my.

Advanced Robotic Lab

Research within the Department of Advanced Robotics concentrates on an innovative, multidisciplinary approach to humanoid design and control, and the development of novel robotic components and technologies.

Multimodal Interaction Research Lab

The mission of the Multimodal Interaction Research (MIR) laboratory is to recognize and promote new and promising research in the disciplines of software engineering and human computer interaction (HCI)

Mobile Cloud Computing Research

Mobile Cloud Computing is a new interesting area of research. It has received a lot of attention from public and researchers due to its importance. The main focus of the research are three main components - Data Center, Wireless Technology and Smart Phones.

Quran & Hadith Research Group

This research group aims to address the issue of preserving the authenticity of quran and hadith in the digital realm. 

Last Update: 07/12/2021